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Delve Technologies offers a range of Business Communication Solutions that helps to connect people, information, and teams, so that both businesses and individuals can manage all their communications in one entity instead of separately.

With our Business Communication Solutions, your organization can connect co-workers, partners, vendors, and customers with the information and expertise they need, access and share videos, facilitate better interactions, dynamically bringing together individuals, virtual work groups, and teams.

IP PABX and Telephony System

IP PABX and Telephony System

DTCL provides advanced IP PABX and Internet Telephony Solution for unified messaging application from the leading global technology vendors which will improve flexibility and mobility while reducing your maintenance costs. This can offer you the complete functionality of a traditional telephony system with added features like integrating voice with email and fax.
Some of the features of the system include auto-attendant, voice mail with personal greeting message, automatic roll over, call forwarding, CO line usage logging, and network services.

Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing is an interactive tool that incorporates audio, video, computing, and communications technologies to allow people in different locations to electronically collaborate face-to-face, in real time, and share all types of information including data, documents, sound and picture. In essence videoconferencing removes the barrier of distance that separates us.

Video Conferencing
Digital Signage & Interactive Kiosks

Digital Signage & Interactive Kiosks

DTCL provides digital signage ranging from a single unit to a network of scalable video wall units, which can be customized and modified on a real-time basis. Bring a human touch to business by connecting with your customers, employees, partners, or students anywhere, at any time through a Digital Media System.
Increase sales, enhance customer experience, and facilitate learning with our Digital Media System.

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DTCL really helped us achieve our goals through an eye catching website backed up with their effective email marketing solutions.

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